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Road Names

We get people in the store all the time that have their road name on a patch on their jacket or vest. Many of our loyal customers we only know by their road name. Road name are often unusual (Doo Doo, for example) and usually fun. The backstories behind road names are always interesting.

How does one acquire a road name? It can be given to you by the people you ride with, or you can give yourself one. Some are more common than others (Preacher, Slick, Peaches, Speedy), and some are outright outrageous (won't list them in a family blog!). We have several Billy Goats that come in.

When I dumped the bike with Patsy on the back seat a gentleman named Goat Lick ran over and helped me stand it back up. I got the monniker Professor because I tend to use three syllable words a lot.

If you want to be known by your road name, introduce yourself that way. If you never announce your legal name, your road name is what you'll be known by.

Another way to always be known by your road name is to have it on a patch on your jacket or vest. Old Dog Leather can make that patch for you in colors that blend with the other patches on your vest. A 2X4 (standard size) name patch is just $15 (no set up fee, and you can buy just one), and you can usually have it the next day.

So ride on brothers (Ironman, Lugnut, Flathead, Dog, Joker, Bear, etc., etc., etc.), and proudly display that name!

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